As a person who likes to analyse people around me I often look and try to pick up certain traits and characteristics in order to attempt at guessing and predicting what that person might do when faced with different situations. Sometimes I guess correctly and sometimes I’m not even close with my guesses, but there are particular combinations of character traits and behaviours that really leave me having no clue at all, neither on how the person came to the action, neither on how I should behave when faced with such different combination of interaction.


The unusual combination of traits I’m talking about is manipulative yet straight-forward approach to interacting with others. By definitions, these different approaches form a paradox, because you can’t really be manipulative and straight-forward at once, unless it’s you way of manipulation. I noticed this combination in a person, that is not aware of the amount of emotion they show with their facial expressions to the outside and also underestimates other peoples intelligence. In general manipulation is done best when the person you are manipulating doesn’t realise that, but in this case, it’s usually so straight-forward, you instantly know, what it’s about, why the person is trying to manipulate you, and every other intention, and that’s the brilliance in this.

This might be projecting, but when I interact with other people my demeanor changes to match the person I’m talking to. Whether it’s emotion, contact or just pace, I subconsciously take on certain things to have a more productive conversation. One of those things is manner of interaction, so for instance if someone is talking to me in riddles, I’ll start talking in riddles or if someone is being manipulative, I’ll become manipulative too. But the difficulty lies in the areas between different manners. I can’t adjust to middle ground between manipulation and straight-forwardness because it’s just not common enough, and in addition, these manners can basically be considered antonyms in a sense that they go against each other, so it’s not somewhere your mind naturally wanders to.

Having two contradicting elements formed in one sort of leaves the other person in a cross-road of different approaches, without any indication on which approach could be the best in the situation. Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot consciously combine manipulation and straight-forward manner of interaction, it’s either one or the other, and setting further tactics on how to talk to the person is really difficult, because neither way seems to be correct. It’s a unique technique of interaction which in my opinion could be a very powerful manipulation tool if mastered by someone that is actually aware of it. I’m certain that the person that possesses this ability is not aware on how unique it is and I don’t think they actually interact this way on purpose, rather it’s accidental, probably a weak attempt at manipulation without being aware of how much they and their facial expressions are actually saying to other people.

This leaves me wondering about other possibilities of contradicting elements “working” together to leave other people absolutely clueless and confused, when faced with such unique and uncommon manners, that they simply aren’t accustomed to face on everyday basis.


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